Pakistan, Afghanistan and Battlestar Galactica

P.W Singer’s March 2011 interview by TEDTalk in response to the speech above argues that we should asking ‘the critical questions” like ‘what is right or wrong’ with modern warfare techniques and claiming this discussion “does not need to be talked about solely with the military”. Singer supports his argument by including science fiction metaphors, military statistics and experience, and research from his book Wired for War. His purpose is to raise awareness of the effectiveness of Drone warfare in order to include more than just military personal in a public discussion about drones. Singer establishes an authoritative relationship with a highly-educated audience that are probably politically involved and want national security and safety from possible terrorist threats.

This interview is included to explain the technical side of the Drone warfare from someone who is now published on the subject. TEDTalks is an excellent source for information and understands interesting conversations that need to be had – therefor for me it was vital to include a source from TEDTalks. Singer’s speech was pathos driven yet rung true also with his research which kept the argument based in logic.

Singer, P.W, (2009, April 3) Video Interview with TedTalks; “Pakistan, Afghanistan and Battlestar Galactica”

Singer, P.W (2009, February). Military Robots and the Future of War.Presented at TedTalks <>